Joesph Matthew Jazz
Feb 19, 2007 7lbs 3oz 20in
Welcome to our site. Today is Joseph's birthday and want to send him our best wishes. Joseph I think of you often and while you are never far from my mind you havn't left my thoughts for the last two weeks. I hope you have a great birthday and so does the rest of the family. We have both a guestbook and forum set up and would love to hear form all of our visitors.
Happy birthday Joseph

Happy BirthdayThank you to all who visit out site. We are here for two reasons first and foremost to make it easy for joseph and or his current caretakers to find us. Joseph was put up for adoption by his mother without bothering to consult his father. His father Joshua Simmerson as well as the rest of Joshua’s family anxiously awaits the opportunity to meet him. The second reason we are here is to help other fathers who hare having their children taken away from them. We hope to do this in two ways both by providing information about putative father registries as well as providing a place for fathers to meet and communicate.

This site is a work in progress that will continue to expand and grow over time. Any assistance in that endeavor will be greatly appreciated.