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Florida - Putative Father Registry

Chapter 63, particularly 63.053-054 Florida Statutes

ATTN: Putative father registry.

Office of Vital Statistics;

P.O. Box 210; Jacksonville, FL 32231

Tel: 904-359-6900 ext. 1086.

Comments: Florida's registry laws are extremely hostile. The registry is not truly a putative father registry because it requires a claim of paternity (as opposed to a statement that one may be a father) under oath even where the father lacks knowledge of a pregnancy. Also, one must register before the adoption petition is filed, which can be as early as the third day after birth. Moreover, even a father who is listed on the birth certificate, attended the birth, and has lived with and supported the mother has no rights unless he registers (unless the child is six months or more old). In addition, the registry must be advertised, which from all appearances is hardly being done. Like Utah's statutory scheme, Florida's registry is truly meant to eliminate the father mom doesn't want.

Fee: Claim Form ($9.00 fee). Update Claim Form (no fee for updating info). Search Form ($9.00 fee).

A father will receive a letter of confirmation if he needs a certified registry result (for his own claim). The father would then need to request the search.

Notarization required: Yes. Forms: DH1965.PDF, DH1964.PDF, DH1963.PDF.

Forms can also be obtained from the state's website at:

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